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Your website deserves a fast and intuitive experience for your supporters, Awesome Cause will help make that happen.
Implementing Tweaks To Tune Up Your Cause's Online Engine

Website Optimization for a Faster, Accessible, Supporter Experience

Website speed and accessibility are important factors not only for delivering a positive experience to supporters, but also for ranking well on search engines.

Awesome Cause can help you optimize your website to make it faster and more accessible.

We use special website optimization tools to make your site faster, more accessible, and create a better experience for supporters and search engines. 

In addition, Awesome Cause will help you to improve your website’s conversion rate by making it easier for people to find and use your site.

We can also provide guidance on creating content that is both engaging and SEO-friendly.

As a result, you will be able to reach more people with your message and make a greater impact. You can focus on your mission while we take care of making sure your website is running at its best.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you optimize your website.

Things We Hear A Lot

Frequently Asked Questions​

How does Awesome Cause make our website load faster?

We focus on implenting a multi-faceted approach to improving the speed of your website. First, we assess the code of the site and make tweaks to load that more efficiently. Second, we look at the current caching in place and focus on making sure it is utilizing both client and server best practices as well as DNS edge level implementations if possible. Third, we make sure that all images on the website are the smallest file size possible, load in gracefully, and are served correctly based on the device screen size that is currently visiting the website.

What accessibility standards do you recommend?

We strive to make our clients' websites conform to WCAG 2.1 at Level AA compliance. This is the industry standard that 99% of websites look to achieve. The focus of this compliance relies heavily on making sure that color contrasts, image alt text, form labels, and other various accessibility goals are within acceptable parameters.

Can Awesome Cause implement an accessiblity overlay on my website?

No, we highly recommend against them. There have been several studies and lawsuits that suggest they do more harm than good. We'd be happy to supply supporting materials to explain their danger to your stakeholders to understand the full picture.

Will we need to move our DNS or Hosting Provider to speed up our load time?

You shouldn't have to but sometimes we do make that recommendation. 2/3 of our clients will operate just fine with their existing hosting and DNS services. The other 1/3 we'll usually find to be on subpar shared hosting that often goes down in the middle of the night or loads very slowly because of the strain put on other websites you don't control hosted on the same server as you. In that event we'll suggest some affordable, virtual private hosting that will keep you from having that issue at all. Don't worry, if it comes to moving we'll also handle the complete migration and get everything setup properly so it can keep running the best way possible.

Are there any security recommendations that Awesome Cause would make in regards to Hosting?

Absolutely! When we optimize your website we'll also take a look at the current security plugins and process in place. Two areas we'll always recommend is enabling two factor authentication (2FA) on the WordPress login and also setting up a regular malware scanner. We can help implement both of these and also offer a maintenance package that can dive even deeper into making sure your website stays secure.