WordPress Website Maintenance & Management for Nonprofits

Website Maintenance For Nonprofits

We Handle your website Woes so you can focus on Your mission.

Awesome Cause provides white glove website management, maintenance, and optimization tailored to the needs of nonprofits, associations, and foundations.

How We Help

We offer three services to show your website some love

Chart of the services Awesome Cause offers: Maintenance, Management, and Optimization

Website Maintenance

Entrust us to handle regular WordPress core, theme, and plugin updates. We'll also continuously monitor security and server uptime. Lastly we'll make backups daily for easy rollback.

Website Management

Need content and administrative help? We’ll take care of your website content updates for you and make sure it’s good for SEO, accessibility, and great photos.

Website Optimization

Let us tune up your site by helping it with better SEO, accessibility, and speed so that it increases page rank / social media sharing of your content. Comes with a monthly report!

We've All Been There

Are you experiencing these issues?

Things Aren't Working Right

You’re not sure why but doing the same task you did last week no longer works.

Slow Loading Content

It takes for-ev-er to load in a page of content and even then it feels sluggish.

It's Not Doing What It's Suppose To

Your vendor didn’t create all the features requested so you have to deal with a bad admin experience.

Making A Change Breaks Something Else

It feels like your WordPress site is held together by yarn and toothpicks – things seem to break easily.

Not Sure Where To Begin

You’ve worked with an agency to create a beautiful website but they handed over the keys without a manual.

Managing Content Takes Too Long

There’s a lot of moving parts in WordPress and keeping it running has been something you don’t want to worry about.

Why Work With Us

We're here to help make your nonprofit website work for you

20+ Years of Nonprofit Experience

Our team has worked with nonprofit websites large and small since 1999.

White Glove Service

We take pride in providing bespoke services to each of our clients based on their needs to support their mission effectively.

We Know Nonprofits

We work with nonprofits because we've worked inside them before. We know all about the struggles and constraints

Experience Driven

We've worked with a wide range of nonprofit websites. This experience has equipped us with a broad perspective on the challenges large and small nonprofits face online.

woman holding poster that says good things are coming
Not sure where to start?

The No Hassle Website AuditTM

Have us execute a technical audit of your website, theme, plugins, and all the 3rd party processes that are used with it.

The end result establishes a baseline of performance measurements and provides a report detailing all the various areas that need to be addressed through future projects and/or maintenance.