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How Content Marketing Helps Create a Bigger Impact for Your Nonprofit

How Content Marketing Helps Create a Bigger Impact for Your Nonprofit

So we know that clients prefer to get to know a company through articles rather than by ads. Web content generally needs three things: quality, regularity, and originality.  Quality content is engaging, and including images or video really helps make it so. Regular posting is essential. And originality is optimal–however, if you are short on manpower, you should be curating content (in addition to creating content whenever you can). Two words that come up often when people talk about content marketing are “disruptive” and “innovation”. What do those mean, exactly? When applied to content marketing, they can mean anything that creates a bigger impact.


Firstly, and obviously, know your audience. Engage with them on social media.  Photos, videos, quotes, statistics, and hashtags (listed here from most influence to least) are all proven helpful to include. Don’t forget to talk about your social impact–better yet, tell it in an intriguing way.   Contrary to what you might think, longer posts are good.Producers of online content have to play the role of curator, journalist, and storyteller simultaneously. They should be flexible–good content should “adhere to diverse learning types”.


Also, there are levels of content. Advanced content includes infographics and e-books. Blog posts, email, and even video, are more prevalent and therefore, basic. Not as many companies have gone into the “advanced” sphere, which means it’s the time for you to start if you haven’t already. The new Google algorithm for SEO — called Hummingbird– optimizes way we actually talk, for example, it considers synonyms. It still utilizes keywords and you should have a couple in mind what your clients are going to be using your site for.  Make sure it’s easy to access. If you have a wealth of information, maybe an e-book would work for you.

Don’t just have a “mobile strategy”, have a multiscreen strategy. Make sure your content is altered to work on mobile, tablet and computer. And if you don’t find what you’re writing interesting–no one will! If your basic questions aren’t answered by a quick glance at your homepage, you risk losing your readers’ attentions. Try thinking of your online presence as a singular display of all the personality that makes up your nonprofit and makes it great.

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