10 Point Manifesto

We're tired of Nonprofits being pushed around with crappy, overpriced products. Lets empower all causes to do awesome things with the best, affordable tools possible.

  1. It’s time for all Nonprofits to have beautiful, compelling websites.
    Why should ugly templates and overpriced themes be the norm? Let’s embrace great design and give your supporters a user experience that compels them to be a part of your movement.
  2. The tools must be affordable for Nonprofits of all sizes.
    We’ve heard it all – thousands of dollars to make an email template, overpriced CRM databases that don’t even work on the internet, terrible products that need several over-priced consultants to help you set them up.  It stinks, and we’re tired of Nonprofits being taken advantage of. We’ve made Awesome Cause something that is affordable for all and free of loopholes.
  3. Online Marketing isn’t rocket science.
    There are no gurus here. In fact, if you ever hear anyone call themself a guru, you can bet your life they’ve got no idea what they’re doing. Instead, let’s make everyone an expert by giving them great tools, smart information, and amazing tutorials that make online marketing the centerpiece for growing all organizations.
  4. The days of cocktail parties and bribes are over.
    We’ve noticed that a lot of larger, public trading, CRM companies like to spend money on throwing big gaudy parties instead of investing that money into a great product that Nonprofits can use. Whom do you think they really answer to? Their clients or their shareholders? Awesome Cause has no share holders, we’re not looking for an exit, we’re not looking to be billionaires. What do we want? To make as many Nonprofits have amazing online marketing campaigns as possible. Helping you with your websites, CRM and fundraising is just the first step. Want us to bribe you? We’ll send ya a sticker.
  5. Technology + Design + Strategy = The Awesome Trifecta.
    We’ve seen it. Nonprofits profit when a forward thinking technology platform is combined with beautiful compelling design and backed up by a calculated online marketing strategy. We’ll work with each client to make sure that they have the most amazing platform, the best designs for a compelling user experience, and an online marketing strategy that builds a solid foundation for growth. 
  6. We’re all in this together, no one should be left behind.
    There are no competitors. Nonprofits are not businesses. Collaboration, sharing, and mutual dedication can help like minded organizations rise up and evolve. Not sure how? We’ll help pave the way and give you the bullet points on how to do it yourself.
  7. The tools must be easy to use.
    Why should your organization use a platform that needs hours of training materials to sift through and consultants to pay for just to set up your database the right way? With Awesome Cause, we’ve made sure you can learn anything in the platform within a 30 second video.  We believe if something takes longer than that to understand than its just a crappy user experience.
  8. The platform must be able to expand, infinitely.
    Why is Awesome Cause’s logo a spaceship? We believe that Awesome Cause should build a platform that is ever expanding and never content with just providing the basics to our clients. We’ll be adding new features and new add-ons every single month. Some of the add-ons we’ll be rolling out for the Awesome Cause platform will be: Grants Manager, Supporters Manager, Design Manager, Financial Manager, Fundraising Manager, and tons more.
  9. KISS everyone – Keep It Super Simple.
    We mean everything. Everything about the process of online marketing should be simple. Simple user experiences. Simple fundraising forms. Simple thank you emails. Simple blog writing. Simple everything. Why? Nothing we’re doing needs to be complicated or archaic. If it is, then something is majorly wrong. The tools, the processes, the support all needs to be super simple to work with. If its not simple, its garbage.
  10. Love is the main ingredient.
    Above all other things, we need to remember why we all love the Nonprofits we’ve given our time and dedication to – its because we love them. At one time, you became infatuated with your nonprofit, the supporters, the leadership, the movement, the mantra. Now its time for all of us to remember what that feeling is like and reclaim our allegiance to our causes! 
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